Psychotherapy and mindfulness have in common the ability to put us in touch with, and nurture, a natural tendency towards healing and wholeness that lives within us all. As a Doctor of Psychology (PSY27298) working in San Rafael and Petaluma, I guide my clients in a process that involves these two powerful approaches to deeper self-understanding.

Over my nearly 40 years of mindfulness practice and recent training in Psychology and psychotherapy, I have come to understand human experience as a single continuum including physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. My approach to psychotherapy is to meet my clients, in any given session, wherever they are along this spectrum. From this starting point, my work is to assist them to deepen their self-exploration and insight. For you, as a potential client, this means the chance to see with increasing clarity into the processes of mind and body and their interaction with the world. As you open to these underlying processes with both acceptance and curiosity, they naturally begin to move in the direction of healing and wholeness.

Give me a call to discuss how I may be able to help you with your own healing process.