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Family Therapy

Ongoing difficulties between parents and children can make family life stressful, even overwhelming. Suppose you could learn three or four simple parenting strategies and techniques that could transform your relationship with your child. Working to fine tune the ways you, as a parent, understand and interact with your child can restore harmony and enjoyment to the experience of being a family. If this image calls to you, family therapy can help make it a reality.

When working with families, I utilize two evidence-based family therapy modalities: Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) and Filial Therapy.

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

Triple P is a highly-researched short-term approach to family therapy. The process, which generally takes about ten to twelve hour-and-a-half sessions, begins with a collaborative assessment. Based on the findings, parents are then taught effective approaches for maximizing their child’s positive growth and development followed by sessions devoted to learning strategies for addressing the specific behavioral issues of their child. Teaching techniques include demonstration and role playing, as well as at-home practice and short reading assignments between sessions. For more about Triple P, visit their website at

Filial Therapy

The word ‘filial’ refers to the relationship between the parent and child generations. Filial Therapy is grounded in child-centered Play Therapy and Art Therapy. During the Filial Therapy process the parents are taught and coached by the therapist to utilize many of the same child-centered techniques that child therapists use. Parents first practice these techniques under the watchful eye of the therapist in the therapy office. Later, once skills are well-developed, parents hold play sessions with their children at home, reporting back to the therapist for feedback in the therapy session. For more information about Filial Therapy, see

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