Imaginal Psychology


My use of Imaginal Psychology emphasizes the inherent capacity to heal that lives within us all. The notion that psychology is first and foremost imaginal acknowledges the central role of imagery in this innate, though generally unconscious healing capacity. Our inner healer uses imagery as a primary mode for communicating its healing message to the conscious mind.

The imagery that emerges from within us through dreams, artistic creativity, reverie, ritual, or meditation/prayer, serves as our guide. It reveals hidden meaningful patterns in our life. In so doing it points us towards our deepest natural and uniquely personal expression of the underlying wholeness of which we are a part. As our exploration of this imagery deepens, it brings us into an intimate experiential relationship with this primordial unity. Ultimately our healing emerges as our own spontaneous expression of the singular activity of the Cosmos. In this process our depression, our anxiety, our compulsions, our dysfunctional relationships are transformed.

My use of Imaginal Psychology draws on the work of Carl Jung, James Hillman, and Aftab Omer, among others.