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Mindfulness for Children

Does your child have impulse control issues, difficulty with challenging emotions, or poor self esteem? Psychotherapy which utilizes mindfulness can help. Integrating simple mindfulness exercises into therapy with a child teaches the child to pay better attention to their inner and outer experiences, particularly their emotions and bodily sensations, and serves to enhance many other therapeutic strategies. Imagine your own son or daughter with increased self-awareness, greater impulse control, a better ability to handle strong emotions, and improved self-acceptance. Consider the benefits for your child both at home and in school.

I also teach mindfulness to groups of children. From 2009 to 2012, I worked with an East Bay organization called Mindful Schools. Mindful Schools has developed a very effective curriculum for teaching mindfulness in elementary school classrooms. I have been trained by Mindful Schools in their curriculum, and have had the pleasure of teaching this curriculum in several Bay Area elementary schools. If you are a teacher who is interested in including mindfulness in your classroom or a parent intrigued by the idea of introducing mindfulness to your child's school curriculum, give me a call. For more information about Mindful Schools and their nationwide and international classroom teacher training programs, visit

I also offer short-term Mindfulness and Social Skills groups for children as part of my therapy practice. Click here to find out more about these classes.